Initial Meeting

This can be via phone, virtually or at a location mutually agreed with you. Here we would discuss the current business format. This is an obligation free meeting at no cost.



From this point on, fees would be chargeable. These are agreed in advance with a full brief of the work to be undertaken.


Goal Setting

You want to achieve something? Then set a goal. This could be one or many. Or even differing stages of the same goal, over weeks, months or even years. This gives us a framework with which to continually review our progress.


The Follow Through

After agreeing your plan and the steps involved, we will actively ensure that your plans are followed through, adapting as necessary along the way. This may include a multitude of areas including from back office processes to public events. The list is endless.


The Follow Up

This does not just mean a debrief at the end of a project, but could (and should) be something built into our working practices from the start. Not only does it ensure your goals are on track, the desired outcome achieved, it can identify important lessons to be learned and applied in the future.